Practice Friday 4-29-2022


  • I know you’ve had this marked on your calendars for months, but again, today is International Dance Day, and the 40th anniversary of this august occasion, no less. We will officially begin our learn-the-electric-slide program today in honor of the holiday and commit to it. For todays dance, however, we will open it up to free-form improvisation, using Disco/hip-pop music as our muse. Prepare accordingly, and stretch those hammies out. Friday Foto will include, for the first time, Friday Video.
  • Everything starts with movement – an instinct we all have – and dance is movement refined to communicate. Much as flawless technique is important and impressive, it is ultimately what the dancer expresses inside the movement that is the essence.
  • As dancers, we are constantly on the move, aspiring to create these unforgettable moments. Regardless of the dance genre, it’s what every dancer strives to achieve.
  • Haul Admirals whaler and Toon at end of day.
  • Nupe Life.


  • No wasting time today, get there, get dressed, rig up and go.
  • Please head right out when you get your boat rigged; FJ team has 100% launch priority; next out should be red 420’s. Practice tacking/gybing/stops starts as much as you can while I get the course ready. I will not be out there right away as I have to get our guests sorted out. The plan is to run a TR tournament with RED and BLACK alternating into the FJ’s for boat-handling final touches.
  • FJ (our Red Team) will swap into red 420’s at some point.

2 Lilly
3 Mackenzie
4 Will John Kyle
5 Sam Lila
6 Nate Kate
7 guest guest
8 guest guest
9 guest guest
10 Julia Emma
11 guest? Coach Boat
12 guest?
1 Thomas Scarlett
2 Robby Ella May
3 Ava Raam
4 Luke Reese
5 Jed Alex
6 Chris M. Chase

History of International Dance DayInternational Dance Day takes place every year on April 29. It recognizes and celebrates the role dancing has as one of the oldest and most valuable forms of entertainment. It can be found in nearly every culture around the world and brings communities and people together. The day is sponsored by the International Theatre Institute, the performing arts partner for UNESCO.

The International Theatre Institute (ITI), established International Dance Day in 1982. They chose April 29 as it marks the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), a leading figure in the world of dance and referred to by many as ‘The Shakespeare of Ballet’.

International Dance Day has been officially recognized by UNESCO with the ITI formally named as creators and organizers of the day’s events. As a result events are planned and carried out throughout all the member states of the UN, however due to Covid-19 most of the events in 2021 were held online.

As well as celebrating dance, International Dance Day encourages all dance forms and educates people on the cultural, historical, and social value of dance. International Dance Day also gives dancers a platform to promote their work and their art on a global scale, to raise awareness about the importance of dance as a means of expression and community.

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