Practice Wednesday 5-4-2022


  • measure gudgeon location(s) on Laser transoms
  • Haul Toon


  • 2 Plans today; A & B
  • PLAN A: If wind is light and goofy, we will have a winner-take all single-handed TR tournament. There will be 3 420 teams, and each team will have ONE doublehanded boat. (lineups below).
  • PLAN B: If wind is steadier, we will practice in 420’s in semi-normal pairs.
  • Other options: one model shows our easterly coming in just in time for practice. If that happens we can try foiling; high confidence this won’t happen however.
  • If no wind whatsoever, we’ll talk for awhile, clean up some, and call it early
2 Chase
3 Julia
4 Ava
5 Lilly
6 Scarlett Lila
7 Nate
8 Sam
9 Reese Alex
10 John
11 Chris M. Coach Boat
12 Ella May Kate Mackenzie
FJ Helena
1 Thomas
2 Robby
3 Jed
4 Kyle
5 Raam
6 Will
Laser Foil
Waszp 1
Waszp 2



1 Thomas Helena OUT
2 Robby Alex Chase
3 Kyle Ella May Julia
4 Raam Lila
5 Ava Scarlett
6 Jed Emma
7 Nate Mackenzie
8 Sam Reese
9 Will John
10 Chris M. Kate
11 Coach Boat
12 Lilly

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