Practice Thursday 5-19-2022


  • HAUL both Whalers at end of practice


  • FJ’s have launch priority… please all go right out as quickly and as soon as you can to work on whatever you need to. Do not wait for me/no meeting before practice.
  • Both coach boats focus on 3 on 3 TR today, and final boat-handling practice. Raam/Coach Ron will umpire and Raam will switch in as crew and maybe skipper as well.
  • Ella May/Jed switch mid-practice
  • 420’s you can do a 3 on 3 team race if you like, or simply train as you wish and swap crews/partners to prepare for this weekend.
  • At end of day, Ava switch in as crew, Raam drive


7 Julia Kenzie
8 Will John
9 Chris M. Kate
10 Nate Emma
11 Chase Alex Coach Boat
12 Sam Lila Raam
1 Thomas Scarlett
2 Robby Lilly
3 Kyle Jed
4 Ava Helena
5 Dr. W Ella May
6 Luke Reese

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