Practice 9-14-2022

Notes bring trailer to back lot RIG AND GO….. wind is supposed to be best in beginning of practice and will die… so NO MEETING, get out ASAP plan may change depending on who is eligible to sail, or not, today Goal holding position on a starting line intro to team racing Practice normal warm […]

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Practice Tuesday 9-13-2022

Notes Notice about pinnies Notice about team approach at regattas h20 focus Coach Boat is ready at South Shore so hoping to get that launched everyone get a painter/bowline. All boats need to be able to be towed Goal Improve teamwork in gybing and tacking crews make more of a physical impact in boat handling […]

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Practice Friday 9-9-2022

Notes finalize details for teams traveling to regattas this weekend Goal Learn better starting tactics/strategy Practice rapid-repeat 2 minute starts. starts/stops different line sizes/favored ends 420 1 Thomas Sitzmann Scarlett Harris OUT 2 Robby Meek Lilly Baker Mackenzie Getz 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Chris McCollum John Szynal 10 Julia Hlousek Annie Lapides […]

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Practice Thursday 9-8-2022

Notes Hope you have your pinnie. Goal Tack & gybe better by the end of practice Thinking ahead in sailboat racing Practice Will attempt to video each team tacking & Gybing as best as possible Rabbit starts tacking: roll shoulders out, go back to climb the ladder with one hand on the rail, twist, then […]

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Practice Wednesday 9-7-2022

Notes Weekend sailors need to get PINNIES! You have to go to Mr. Domenech’s office…. tomorrow Goal to get our weekend sailors spooled up on FJ sailing Practice 1: Boat handling at all levels, especially balance & weight trim intuitive adjustments Practice 2: FJ sail trim is different than c420…. Practice FTL Upwinds… FJ’s and […]

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Practice Tuesday 9-6-2022

Practice NOTES Bring all boats into parking lot by end of practice RIG UP ALL FJ’s before we leave tonight. Check, make sure we have all parts clean up tiny house a bit more Driver permissions forms make sure dollies are brought back into parking lot This is a short week; we will get our […]

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Practice Friday 9-2-2022

Practice Today Change immediately into running gear. Then, start rigging your boats as per below, and get as much done rigging as you can before I arrive. We will then do the run. We will launch a coach boat before launching sailboats On the water we will do simple upwind tacking and downwind gybing drills […]

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