Practice Friday 2/24/2023



Practice :          hold your lane with your weight trim

  • Practice 1: Work today on holding your lane with better weight trim. Never heel in a puff; balance the boat with weight so that it is tracking as best as possible. Downwind, balance, keep weight low, don’t over-use weight trim
  • If windy, work on hiking to depower: fore/aft body movement
  • doing the rabbit start well will be essential to be able to hold your lane
  • Downwind, be agile/active but not too clunky. sail in narrow lanes but don’t put yourself in an obvious foul position (that happened yesterday a few times)
  • Drills: Rabbit Starts and “double-mark DW drill”
1  Jed Lory Charlotte Wilkin OUT
2 Kyle Reinecke Scarlett Harris Helena English
3 Ava Cornell John Szynal Thomas Sitzmann
4 Will Friedell Charlotte MacDonald Robby Meek
5 Alex Baker Kate Castleberry
6 Nate Long Lilly Baker
7 Annie Sitzmann Reese Corckran
8 Chris Annie Lapides
9 Julia Hlousek Maura McPartlin
11 Coach Boat



We just missed National Toot Day, but we will honor it with our Friday foto today.
Did you know:

  • toots can travel up to 10 ft./second (that’s 7 MPH)
  • the average human toots approximately 14 times a day
  • men toot more than women
  • tooters who want odor control can buy Shreddies !
  • a drysuit-toot is known as a “Dutch oven”

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