Practice Monday 4-17-2023

This weekend is our FLEET RACE qualifier here in Annapolis. We will focus on fleet racing, while also doing some team race drills as well.
normal warm ups and maybe some starting line practice.

If we do team race drills we will focus on the balance drill with 1-3 vs. 2-4


2 Annie Sitzmann
3 Maura McPartlin
8 Nate Long Kate Castleberry
9 Chris McCollum Annie Lapides
10 Charlotte Macdonald Julia Hlousek
11 Coach Boat
12 Charlotte Wilkin
1 Thomas Sitzmann Jed Lory
2 Robby Meek Helena English
3 Kyle Reinecke Reese Corckran
4 Ava Cornell Lilly Baker
5 Will Friedell Scarlett Harris
6 Alex Baker John Szynal

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