Practice Wednesday 5-17-2023

Everyone head out. No meeting before
-DW stop/Start  (2 whistles)
-DW stop/accelerate right (2 whistles with audible )
-turns, up and down (3 whistles)
-practice down-speed tack from stbd to prt (mark 1 simulation)

– chase/lead at start

When we go to Red vs. Blue, everyone else is free. I want John to switch with Charlotte so we can use John with Blue.

1 Thomas Sitzmann Jed Lory OUT
2 Robby Meek Helena English
3 Kyle Reinecke Reese Corckran
5 Nate Long Julia Hlousek
6 Sam Charlotte Macdonald
7 Ava Cornell Scarlett Harris
8 Annie Sitzmann Lilly Baker
9 Luke Kate Castleberry
10 Will Friedell Maura McPartlin
11 Chris McCollum Annie Lapides Coach Boat
12 Alex Baker John Szynal
Charlotte Wilkin

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