Practice Monday 4-19-2021

TR Practice TR starts with Black vs Red, Then Green vs. Blue 2 whistles STOP WHERE YOU ARE; Ill reset positions and balance, then start up again. Bump & Run/Clear Out Drill at 1st offset. When we get to the WM, form up in FTL groups of 3 Leader has 2 opponents behind, and tries […]

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Practice Thursday 4-15-2021

Team Race Practice: All about BALANCE & Communication Boats 1-6 will “practice around the course” in the following manner: Start: We will do a “real” start and either go with it or re-start. Work on your team starting timing. First Beat: Work on recognition->execution. Whistle-Stops-the-Game. when I blow 2 whistles, everyone has to stop exactly […]

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RaceDay Wednesday 4-7-2021

Today we will have a scored RaceDay. NO MEETING. Go out as soon as you are ready. RULES On-the-water Judging is active ALL STARTS will be I-Flag (one-minute rule) RC will be 2,3, or 4 legs with offset and gate NO contact between boats without a protest 420 Coach boat 7 Chris M. Helena English […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-6-2021

We are going to give it a shot. We may have the Magothy-easterly (see photo of wind prediction at 1500). Start with a Final-Beat Drill. Work on holding position, gaining a boat or 2, and if in the back of the fleet look to gain 2-3 boats. We will FTL in SNO, and round a […]

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Practice Tuesday, 3-30-2021

Team Race Practice today. Likely we will do mostly 2 on 2 drills: 1,2 chase 3,4 downwind balance drill upwind 3 boat Offset drills: play on the offset in a 1,3 and passback the 2 on the offset (both first and second offset). Practice 1: Down speed acceleration and lane holding at the start. Practice […]

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Practice Tuesday 3/23/2021

Practice 3/23 Tuesday Yesterday De-Brief: Roll very late in light air. Roll very hard. Work on carving more on downwind gybes to allow for a big flatten on the new gybe Work on the Wing-on — Gybe technique BALANCE DAY– warm up: tacks/stops/starts, gybes, etc. 2 on 2 final beat: Both gate rounding and FTL […]

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SB Practice Monday 3/22/2021

Monday SB Practice: check and confirm all COVID release/confirmations. While I am going over paperwork, please drain all boats, check all boats taped rings tiller extension universals likely flip 12 and replace jib halyard (or whatever boat has that damaged spurred jib halyard) CHECK ALL 420’s for water in tanks We will make a call […]

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Friday 3-12-2021

TR FUN DAY 3 teams as per below. We will simply team race today and love doing it. No pre-meeting, just chat with your teammates about your plan for world domination and go get it.               420     Coach boat       1 Raam Regan King   […]

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