Practice Notes, 3-1-2016

Practice 3/1/2016

NOTE: I am very sorry, but my Severn School email is not working anymore. I am quite sure I have missed emails from some of you. Please re-send to:

Workout on campus with Coach Duncan. Wind speed/Water temp combo looks like it will be a good day to stay on land. We will go to the marina Thursday & Friday.


For the top 3-5 boats, expect an early out next Tuesday to go to WAC to sail against their TR team. Be back at Severn School at 1830. Early out will be at 1400.

Practice Notes 3/1

  • Too many rigging discrepancies. Check what the fast guys do and copy that. Or, ask a coach and get your boat rigged properly.
    • Main halyard,
    • rig tensions all over the place.
    • Jib sheet tension
    • Some cross-sheeting, some not
    • Outhaul tensions not all the same
    • Sails are old. Fool them into being efficient
  • Weight trim. Top teams looks pretty good. Generally those that were making errors were:
    • Skipper too far aft upwind
    • Legs apart when hiking (keep feet and knees together)
    • Complement your weight in the boat; don’t counteract each other unless absolutely necessary
    • Downwind, most need to be more in charge of the boat. Many seemed too tentative when gybing and winging on/off. Remember you both, together, weigh more than the boat; so you should be able to dictate where it goes.
  • Boat Handling. Generally pretty good.
    • Absolutely must be better able to match roll-tack style to conditions. Rusty today.
    • DW is rusty. Need to be more aggressive, while turning the boat less (see weight trim above).
    • All need to work on sail trim through the roll tack
    • Too much steering by many, both UW and DW
    • Too much heeling!! Don’t heel
    • Sail trim through the tacks was not great
  • Sailing Tactics
    • Some brilliant examples of upwind patience and discipline. We need to discuss this more. Caroline/Parker were probably the best upwind tactical team today.
    • Not great downwind, with only a few exceptions. We just don’t seem as tuned in to wind variations downwind
    • Mark roundings: ouch
  • 5 on 5 TR Combos
    • Red/Orange crushed with a 1,2,4,7,10  …24 points. Imagine the combos!


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