Practice Plan 3/3/2016

1.  Warm up. Stay close to each other out there so we can begin quickly. Goal for today is NOT to team race, but to remember/re-learn team race boat handling and simple tactics. Work with your crew/skipper and teammate to get better at simple TR moves.


Connor/Caroline(RED)  vs. Steph/Stephen(BLACK)
Peter/Sam(Green) vs. Jack/Abby(BLUE)
Will, rotate in when possible

2.   FTL upwind & DW boat handling.

  • 3 whistles downwind today is STOP YOUR BOAT (as you would approaching mark 3)

3. 2 on 2 practice starts…. goes to first beat combos

4. Pass back or Die, first offset. Passback or die approaching mark 3. We will enter the first offset leg in a 1,4. The “1” will have to pass back at least one boat to improve their positioning.

5. A few team races.



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