Practice Plan Tuesday 3-8-2016

Given the missing sailors for our first regatta, today will be a boat-handling day with new teams, and maybe a few fleet races. We will then do some team racing. (see PLAN below)
These new teams are nothing other than to give a look at what we will have for this weekend, and to evaluate some in different positions. This all assumes there will be a sailing practice. Wind doesn’t look great at the moment.
We will also be wheels-up by 1700-1710 today. Early end to practice.

Team racers go to WAC, everyone else has the day off. We will edit who sails with whom, but here’s the list:

Connor Camille Aidan Shiv
Stephanie Blair Caroline Parker
Stephen Caroline Peter Austin
Abby Jack Sophie


  1. We will begin together as a group… all 11 boats with me.
  1. Windsprints up and downwind

-3 whistles is race to next objective.

  1. FTL race
  1. Split up. Team racers come with me.
Connor Blair Aidan Austin
Stephanie Shiv Caroline Parker
Stephen Abby Peter Caroline
Jack Sophie
With Coach White
Marcus Camille Will Aidan B.
OUT Sam Blake Jackson Caleb

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