WAC Practice Notes, 3-9-2016

  • FJ’s are easier to sail heavy. Don’t psych yourself out as much in light air if you think you are “heavy.” Roll the boat very aggressively, and keep the boat flat, and you can compete against lighter teams. The FJ has a narrower waterline. 420’s are in fact more weight sensitive at the extremes.. that is, in very light air its more advantageous in a 420 to have a super-light crew than an FJ, and conversely, in big breeze, its also more advantageous to have a tall/heavy in a 420 than an FJ.
  • Please bail out earlier on not making the pin. Don’t wait till you have to foul 2 boats to get out.
  • For Gosh Sake’s, set up high before the start in current.
  • Understand the exact direction of the current relative to the line. It’s not just “in or out”. It was somewhat sideways as well….
  • Team racing in current can be fun, but big leads can evaporate on the conveyor belt. Simple errors are magnified in current
  • Overlay marks more than you think in strong current and light air.
  • Approach leeward marks MUCH wider in current!! You cant be down speed, jack knifing the rudder over at a leeward mark in adverse current. You will be 2 boatlengths to leeward before you know it
  • always try to stay upwind when doing a penalty turn in current (tack first)
  • In extreme weather conditions, consider a new starting strategy, one that orients more toward fleet racing.
  • Jibs must come in late in roll tacks, especially down-speed roll tacks, upwind in current and light air
  • skippers need to ease mainsheet a little more in tacks

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