Practice Plan Monday 3-7-2016

Hi CHANGE OF PLANS Due to a scheduling conflict, we will go to WAC on Wednesday, rather than Tuesday. Apologies! Here is the team I’d like to go to WAC on Wednesday. Connor Camille Aidan Shiv Stephanie Blair Caroline Parker Stephen Caroline Peter Austin Abby Jack Sophie FIRST REGATTA ON SUNDAY 13 MARCH Top team […]

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Practice Notes, 3/3/2016

Light wind shifting 40 degrees to the right, plus 37 degree temps, made for challenging practice conditions. We actually got, I think, the most out of a not-so-great sailing day. Things to learn today were: beginning to remember what team racing boat-handling is all about. Stops/starts, controlling speed, controlling height at low/no speeds. Instantly recognizing, […]

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Practice Plan 3/3/2016

1.  Warm up. Stay close to each other out there so we can begin quickly. Goal for today is NOT to team race, but to remember/re-learn team race boat handling and simple tactics. Work with your crew/skipper and teammate to get better at simple TR moves. TEAMS Connor/Caroline(RED)  vs. Steph/Stephen(BLACK) Peter/Sam(Green) vs. Jack/Abby(BLUE) Will, rotate […]

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Practice Notes, 3-1-2016

Practice 3/1/2016 NOTE: I am very sorry, but my Severn School email is not working anymore. I am quite sure I have missed emails from some of you. Please re-send to: PAUL REVERE PUTS 1 LANTERN IN THE OLD NORTH CHURCH FOR US TOMORROW Workout on campus with Coach Duncan. Wind speed/Water temp combo […]

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