Practice Wednesday, 5-18-2016


  • tacks/gybes, stops, starts
  • 360’s, 720’s

Today we will practice around the TR course. As long as the TR is close we will keep sailing. If it gets too lopsided, we will reset at the nearest leg:

  • Real Starts; if the start is close we will sail the first beat. 2 whistles means stop, and I may shuffle the pairs.
  • 1st Offset combos:  RED 1,3,6     1,4,5
  • Downwind combos: RED  2,4,5, 1,4,5,
  • Final beat combos  RED:  1,3,6     1,4,5
Connor Abby Aidan Shiv
Stephanie Blair Caroline Parker
Stephen Camille Coach D. Sophie
Caroline M.
Peter Blake Will Aidan B.
Sam Marcus Jackson Caleb

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