Practice Plan Tuesday 9-6-2016

Breezy today; 12-20 knot NW forecast for the Magothy, with windiest conditions from 3-5PM.

Given our large numbers and only 2 coaches, we will err on the side of caution and will not hesitate to limit who sails. For now, the teams are below. As you get to the marina, please begin bringing boats in. Change into sailing clothes ASAP. Remember today’s roster is made mostly to get the most out on the water possible. There are skippers listed that I know want to crew, and we also have some heavy and light skippers that will go to events as light air/heavy air crews. Today is just an opportunity to acclimatize.
This is our opportunity to get to know you all. After today, we will begin honing our roster into a 12 boat varsity roster, with the rest being JV. I have penciled in 4 team race teams, and I hope to have those mostly set by Friday. All spots are open.
Today we will do a few very simple drills.

  1. follow the leader. first whistle starts drill and you go upwind. After that, tack on each single whistle. 2 whistles is stop/start. 3 whistles is race to the next mark.
  2. Downwind. FTL then go downwind wing-on. 2 whistles is gybe to wing-on. 1 whistle is wing-on, wing-off. 3 whistles is race to next leeward mark or finish.
  3. 2-3 races, potentially changing around teams.
FJ 1 Connor Bayless Maddie Meyer
FJ 2 Stephanie Houck Ryan Wahba
FJ 3 Caroline Bayless Julia Christie
FJ 4 Aidan Morgan Benjamin Damon
FJ 5 Abbie Tindall Blair Reilly
FJ 6 Will McCollum Hayden Lamb
420 1 Sam Reilly Addi Harris
420 2 Jack Selby Sophia Bontempo
420 3 Sam Bruce Sophie Taczak
420 4 Jordan Bruce Camille White
420 5 Maddie Hawkins Blake Allman
420 6 Edward Cromwell Chandler Ankenbrand
420 7 Mariner Fagan Caroline McNeil
420 8 Baillie McNitt Aidan Buckley
420 9 Peter Jensen Christiaan Smith
420 10 Marcus Adam Gabby Torian
420 11
420 12
everyone else watch…. And we’ll try to rotate in.
Chris Kirk Andrea Riefkohl
Charlie Granitto
James Doss
Owen Bradford?

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