пятница Practice Plan, 9-30 2016

Due to high wind forecast, JV will NOT practice today. You will have an optional work-out, or you are free to go.
Varsity will practice at the marina, but this will be a LIMITED group. We will work on Team Racing. If your name is not below, you have the day off. You are more than welcomed to come down, but only 6 boats are launching today. If any of you on the varsity list cannot make it, I need to know ASAP.
We will have an umpired, best-of-five team race tournament. At least one race will be videoed if it is not raining. NO pre-practice workout. Goals for today:

  1. Develop teamwork and communication
  2. Before you launch, talk as an entire team and discuss your specific goals.
  3. Make a starting plan with your team.
  4. After sailing, get together as a team, and de-brief yourselves, discussing
    1. what went well
    2. what did not go well, and where you need to be better.
FJ Connor Peter J  
FJ Stephanie Aidan M  
FJ Caroline B Blair
FJ Jordan Sam Reilly Coach boat
FJ Sam Bruce Camille Marcus
FJ Maddie Sophie Mariner

“In Heaven, everybody Team Races….”

-Skoro uvidimsya

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