Thursday 3-9-2017

Crews Work out / Skippers Rig. Normal on-the-water warm ups (rabbit start tacking, etc) Final Beat Combo: 1,3 6. Each team will do a final beat combo in a 1,3,6 three times, so you are in each position. Coming back downwind, we will do a 1,5,6 combination to marks 3,4. Today you need to talk […]

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Spring 2017 Run Results

Bruce Sam 17:00 Bruce Jordan 17:09 Fagan Mariner 18:08 Bayless Connor 18:22 Lamb Hayden 18:59 Reilly Sam 19:01 Houck Stephanie 19:13 McCollum Will 19:47 Taczak Sophie 20:02 Wahba Ryan 20:33 Hawkins Maddie 21:03 Reilly Blair 21:20 McNeil Caroline 22:01 Tindall Abbie 22:34 Bayless Caroline 22:34 Adam Marcus 22:38 Morgan Aidan 23:44 Cromwell Teddy 24:49 Smith […]

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Wednesday 08 March Practice

Today: Skippers work out, crews rig De-Brief from yesterday Plan today is upwind tacking (use new DoubleDemo Rabbit start) Downwind gybing, slowing down, and gybing. TR DRILL:   downwind covering. If breeze is heave we may go to heavy air crews. RED OUT 1 Bayless Connor McNeil Caroline 2 Houck Stephanie Morgan Aidan Camille 3 […]

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Team Race Tuesday 3/7/2017

4-Team Scrimmage today. No drills, just team racing, start to finish. Talk to your team about what it is you want to work on, and how you will approach today. We will try to get each team to sail against each other, at least once. Please plan to make a list of things that went […]

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Thursday 3-2-2017

NO SAILING TODAY Meet after school in Teel 302 at 2:45, preferably dressed for working out. Go over TR Playbook together, and some things we talked about over the winter. Divide up into teams and begin to discuss communication. Develop team terms, who says what when, etc. Begin to develop a Red Team playbook (mostly […]

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