Practice Thursday 4-20-2017

Today we will work on boat handling and

  • balance drill
  • what to do, and not to do, in a 2,3,6 on the final beat
420 Bayless Connor Tindall Abbie McCollum Will
420 Bayless Caroline Reilly Blair Taczak Sophie
420 Fagan Mariner White Camille Houck Stephanie
420  Meyer  Maddi
BLACK  McNeil  Caroline
420 Bruce Sam Wahba Ryan Coach Boat
420 Hawkins Maddie Adam Marcus
420 Bruce Jordan Riefkohl Andrea
420 Morgan Aidan Harris Addi
420 Cromwell Teddy Lamb Hayden
420 Smith Christiaan Granitto Charlie
Tindall <> Blair
Camille <> Aidan

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