MIT Gouge Files from Stephen Duncan: Venue


  • Northerly and North-Westerly
    • Incredibly shifty, where the Charles got its reputation
    • Very streaky and puffy, wind sheers and catspaws
    • Sail the lift, whatever you are in, sail that shift
    • Maximize what you have, while you have it
    • The wind will always go back, be patient, and don’t tack into a header
    • The tall buildings behind the pavilion will often obstruct the righties, lefties are a little easier to see and more reliable (somewhat) as they come out of the big courtyard and the corner by the bridge
    • Be prepared for auto-tacks and absolutely unpredictable wind
  • Westerly
    • Still pretty shifty, more steady than a southerly or northerly
    • Can be pretty easy to see the shifts rolling down the river, keep your eyes open
  • Southerly
    • Also very shifty, not as bad as a northerly
    • Not often to get a pure southerly, often either has some west, or some east in it, or both trading off
    • Still wacky and weird, some auto-tacks possible
  • Easterly
    • This is the most stable wind direction, still doesn’t mean it’s not shifty though, it is



    • Parking
      • 30 minute right in front of pavilion
      • All along the other side of Memorial Dr. is free unlimited, just can be tough to find
    • Bathrooms: there are two in the pavilion, if the line is too long, you can go across the street
    • Viewing
      • The best might be up on the wings to either side, you walk into the pavilion and go either left or right and up stairs, there are picnic tables to left
      • Or all along the dock and Memorial Dr. is really good too
      • There is also a big, open space inside and under cover at dock level if you’d rather set up camp inside/under cover


  • The pavilion is open to the public, valuables sometimes grow legs and disappear


  • On that note, there might be rec-sailors out too, they should avoid the racing, but not always


  • Trapezoid: FJs sail outer loop, Fireflies sail inner loop

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