Practice Thursday 10/5/2017

Our Red team for the weekend is below. Everyone sailed well, and there are no demotions here. This is an experiment, and I expect Black to be nearly as good as Red.
This RED team is made up of those who have experience with our team, have worked hard on the team race course, who are fast, and who can and will sail well together. This is by no means our final team. Evaluation is ongoing.
We will re-evaluate for any other team race events we have this fall; our goal is a cohesive team race team for the spring that will train together more often.
I am looking for effective, clean (penalty-avoiding), controlled team racers who minimize mistakes, work positively together, know the playbook but can also move beyond it to make the simple race-winning play, and who are fast. Red and Black will split this event and each will sail 4 games.

-Practice starts
-boat handling
-rest of day is one-leg team race drills:
1. FTL starts. Communicate upwind to have a winning combo at marks 1 & 2. Stop
2. Downwind: Red in a 2, 4,5 and then Red 1, 4, 6. Play the drill to mark 4
3. Final Beat Combos:  Red in a 2, 4,5 and then Red 1, 4, 6.

Red Team below will sail races 1, 6, 11, 26. Black team will sail races 16, 20, 23, 29 as of now.

Sam Bruce Camille White  RED
  Caroline Bayless Abbie Tindall RED
  Maddie Hawkins Blair Reilly RED
Jordan Bruce  Andrea Riefkohl 4
  Mariner Fagan  Ryan Wahba 5
  Owen Hennessey  Addi Harris 6
Coach Boat
Marcus Adam Maddi Meyer 7
Chase Hilliard Madeline Toomey Brooke Arnold 8
Parker Schless Teddy Cromwell Benji Damon 9
Patrick Dolan Charlie Granitto 10
Christiaan Smith Hayden Lamb 11
OUT Zander King Jack O’Donnell 12
Caroline McNeil

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