Practice Tuesday 10/24/2017

Over the next several days we will try combinations based on starting skill/preference and team chemistry. Today’s line up may well not be tomorrows, and also takes into account those missing.

  • Start out with one-on-one cover/kill drill. One boat rounds mark 4, trying to get to finish. Other boat waits to weather of the mark to cover/kill. You must try to make that boat take as long as possible to finish.
  • FTL First Beat.
  • Combo RED 2,3,5 from mark 2 to 4.
  • Final Beat RED 2,3,5
  • A few Games.

JV will run fleet racing drills on parts of the course we we’re vacant from.

 boat end..? Sam Bruce Abbie Tindall(Camille) 1
  pin Jordan Bruce Blair Reilly 2
 middle…? Mariner Fagan  Caroline McNeil 3
 Maddie Hawkins Marcus Adam 4
Caroline Bayless  Ryan Wahba 7
Owen Hennessey  Addi Harris 6
Coach Boat
Andrea Riefkohl 420
Madeline Toomey Hayden Lamb 8
Parker Schless Teddy Cromwell Benji Damon 9
Patrick Dolan Jack O’Donnell 10
Christiaan Smith Brooke Arnold 11
OUT Zander King Maddi Meyer 12
Camille White
Chase Hilliard
 Charlie Granitto
Patrick Dolan Jack O’Donnell
Madeline Toomer Parker Schless

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