Practice Thursday 10-12-2017

RACE DAY W-4 with a gate. Results from today and one day next week will be used to help decide our sailors for the MASSA Districts. 420 Maddie Hawkins Blair Reilly 1 Caroline Bayless Abbie Tindall 2 Sam Bruce Ryan Wahba 3 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl 4 Mariner Fagan Camille White 5 Owen Hennessey Maddi […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-11-2017

Hello; Normal sailing practice today,  except there is no bus today.  RIG 420’s If you cannot get a ride to practice today, then you have the day off.  It is also likely that there will NOT be a bus tomorrow, either. We are likely going to cancel going to DC Sail. Many of the top […]

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Practice Thursday 10/5/2017

Our Red team for the weekend is below. Everyone sailed well, and there are no demotions here. This is an experiment, and I expect Black to be nearly as good as Red. This RED team is made up of those who have experience with our team, have worked hard on the team race course, who […]

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Practice Wednesday 10/4/2017

Team Race Day Starting lineups below. We will also try a few light air combos on Red. Abbie and Caroline M (if she’s here today) will go in. We will also have Caroline B. crew in boat 2 when we do boat handling at the end. Plan: -Starting strategy. Talk with your team about what […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-3-2017

Team Race Practice. Teams are below. We will also try Caroline Bayless as a crew in boat 2 for practice boat handling. FTL Starts to first beat. stop re-form in 2,3,6. This is of course a 1,4,5 combo downwind. reform. Final beat in a 2,4,5  (of 1,3,6) 420 Maddie Hawkins  Blair Reilly 1   Sam […]

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