Practice Thursday 3-1-2018

Today, we will work on boats. Here’s a list of to-do’s, among other things:

  • clean up the marina, especially our area, and ask the marina staff where we can help clean up more.
  • move all rudder heads up to higher pin hole
  • re-rig halyards and blocks
  • remove all sails for the weekend and put in shed
  • tie 420’s to their dollies with the bow lines
  • fill buckets with water
  • secure FJ’s on their dollies
  • make sure ALL dolly tires are filled with air including FJ’s
  • drain FJ’s of water
  • put as many FJ’s on the holster line as possible.
  • move boats away from water as much as possible, back around and near the shed
  • throw away remaining rotten covers and sails behind the shed


  • very unhappy with the way the marina was left yesterday. Pretty embarrassing, especially after we’ve already received complaints about the bathrooms and you’ve been addressed about it. I hope I don’t have to clean up for you again.
    • boats not put away near fence, randomly everywhere and in the way
    • not all boats on buckets
    • tons of garbage on the ground: food, clothes, cardboard, etc.
    • gate left wide open

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