Race Day Results 2-28-2018

5-11 knot southerly, that went SW pretty quickly. Typical Magothy River conditions, with some noticeable sheer, along with decent sized holes, and the occasional puff.  Windshifts were not predictable but they were very important to act upon.

  • The boats that were set up well at the start (with clear air and the ability to tack, not necessarily winning the favored end) did the best today by far.
  • There was only one large-scale corner-comeback, so you really had to have get in a clear air lane on the lifted tack off the line.
  • Too many boats in the first race just tried to windsprint in losing positions.
  • boats are far lighter and react much more quickly to changes in wind or weight trim. Must control boat and keep flat.
  • That said, it is possible to move around too much when on a tack; don’t flop around unnecessarily
  • these boats look fun to sail and have a little more tune-ability than the old ones. If you don’t learn the boat and make adjustments and adjust boathandling, you are going to get far behind in this fleet, because others will.
  • ease vang downwind skippers!
  • Fouls: there were several out there. Next race day we will flag (DSQ) offending boats if we see fouls that aren’t either resolved or protested.
  • too many teams heeling upwind today (!).
  • Dominant team today didn’t win every start, but they did have very good ones, and always found a clear air lane usually on lifted tack and usually heading toward more, rather than less, wind. Downwind they were mostly conservative but did work to stay in clear air while minimizing distance sailed. Also stayed out of foul trouble. Finally, their boat handling evidenced control of the boat almost always, which is key. That’s a recipe for success.

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