Practice Friday 8-31-2019

KEEP A CLOSE eye on the weather. Its very unstable/unsettled. We are still ON for today, but we will cancel if a storm pops up.
Things to do:

  1. Move coach boat either back out of the water or to a slip (will know soon which to do)
  2. make sure 420’s are angled up so they drain
  3. bail out any water in the FJ’s
  4. Make docking lines for the coach boats
  5. make new mark-to-anchor lines.

Weather permitting:
Today we will attempt the run. If the temp/heat index is too high, we will call off.
We will then run the first Senior-Led Sailing Team Olympiad.

We will NOT sail today.

Practice should end a little early today. maybe by 1700-1715

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