Practice Tuesday 9/4/2018


The wind forecast is very dismal today. We will therefore meet after school in Teel 302 and stay on campus today. Chalk talk then team workout. You should be done by 4:45-5:00 today.

Tomorrow we will sail for sure, and move boats back inside the gates.


-who wants to crew. who wants to skipper
-integrating laser practice
-basic boat handling
-crew basics
-this is high school sailing
-website (ISSA)
-dinghies, keelboats, singlehanded, etc.
-team racing / fleet racing
-league /district / national

-learning to live at the Marina: do’s & don’ts
-daily boat care/care of gear
-workouts/bringing gear
-fall schedule/who goes to regattas, etc.
-pushup/situp test
-team run times
-Sam Bruce

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