Race Day Results 9-18-2018

This race day was run in what started as a brisk northerly,  8-13 knots. 4 races sailed in all 12 z420’s. After the first race, the breeze died down and became very unstable. Course was a bit longer than usual which left a lot of room for picking sides, and gains to be made along with losses as well. 4, 3 and 8 were OCS on the first race, and 8 was DSQ in race 3 as well. Racing was extremely competitive in the z420’s and teams are still working on consistent boat handling and gear shifting with their weight and sail trim. The winning boat never actually won a race. Today was a frustrating day where minimizing losses was key, along with being willing to sail toward breeze, if sometimes on the headed tack. Gate choices downwind also made a big difference for a few, and using your downwind tactics to allow you to choose either gate downwind (not getting caught too much on one side) made a big difference as well.

Place     Boat#     Points

1            1          15

1            2          15

3            4          18

4            3          20

5            6          22.8

6            5          23

7            7          27

8            10        29

9            8          30

10          11        32

11           12       42

12           9         44

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