Practice Tuesday 2-19-2019


  1. Please ALL meet at the bus station after school to load up the masts onto the trailer. I will take the trailer down with my truck.
  2. Bus 3 will ride today with Coach Beckman, after mast loading. PLEASE grab the giant silver tarp behind the coach boat on the ground and put it in the bus. We will use that down at the sailing center to cover up the FJ’s.
  3. We will complete the RUN.
  4. We will then rig the 420’s and cover them up with the deck covers for the storm.
  5. We will launch Obi Wan if there is time. Ideally let’s bring this to my house dock so I can watch over it if we have bad weather.

If you do not run today (several out sick), you must make it up before getting out on the water. NOT running today:

-Jordan Bruce
-Chase Hilliard
-Zander King

If there is school tomorrow, we will most  likely meet in my room after school to go over starting teams, tryouts, drills, and basic crew work/boathandling tips.

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