Practice Friday 2-22-2019

1. RUN for those who still need to complete it.

2. Coach Boat(s) launched. Work on cleaning things up, marks in the coach boats, etc. I’d like to spend some time making docking lines today for the coach boats so we have a simple, reliable docking system.

3. Move sailboats inside fence if we have room/permission.  Check Rakes on ALL 420’s and make sure they’re even. Check all boats to make sure parts are working and in good condition, tape rings where necessary.

4. IF NO WIND (right now it’s flat calm), Rig 12th boat and possibly the FJ’s

420 coach boat
1 Mariner Fagan Regan King Ryan  Wahba
2 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl
3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris
4 Caroline Bayless Audrey Klepper
5 Marcus Adam Hayden  Lamb
6 Owen Hennessey Raam Fox Abby Tindall
7 Teddy Cromwell Benj Damon out
8 Patrick Dolan Alex Brenia Charlie Granitto
9 Jack O’Donnell Cole Petrinko Maddie Hawkins
10 Chase Hilliard Chase O’Malley Rees Tindall
11 Zander King

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