Pratice Wednesday 2-27-2019

-Today we will work on the same things as yesterday (sail trim/weight trim = balance, and changing gears), and then we will do a final beat drill, starting with 11,10,9,8, etc.

420 coach boat
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba Regan King
2 Maddie Hawkins Rees Tindall Audrey Klepper
3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris Chase O’Malley
4 Owen Hennessey Abby Tindall
6 Marcus Adam Andrea Riefkohl
7 Teddy Cromwell Benj Damon out
8 Zander King Raam Fox Jordan Bruce
9 Patrick Dolan Hayden  Lamb Caroline Bayless
10 Jack O’Donnell Cole Petrinko
11 Chase Hilliard Alex Brenia
12 Charlie Granitto

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