Practice Thursday 4-11-2019

RACE DAY No meeting rig and head out ASAP, warm up/practice as much as you can Scores will be recorded On-the-water Judge boats will observe and can initiate Rule 42 violations 420 coach boat 1 Sam Bruce Addi Harris 2 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba 3 Maddie Hawkins Abby Tindall 4 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl 5 […]

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Practice 4-10-2019

-FJ boathandling day. Halfway through practice, Caroline and Owen switch boats with Patrick and Zander. -Final Beat Day. Modified Final beat drill: FTL in 2 packs (odds/evens), odds round offset to starboard, evens round WM to port. race to a leeward gate, make the rounding and race upwind to finish. Change up your placement in […]

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Practice Tuesday 4-9-2019

3 Things to work on Today: Starting execution Downwind lane management (aggressive positioning with wing on/off and taking advantage of DW windshifts) Gate identification/strategy (when do you start talking about gate choice downwind? Make sure you have a plan). What makes one gate favored over another?? -more practice starts. We will attempt to add a […]

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Practice Monday 4-8-2019

-Unfortunately we are now missing 4 skippers. I may edit/amend practice and just do boat handling. Stand by. -Please record your boats total crew weight tomorrow with me before sailing…. I will have a sheet in the sailing shed. A scale is in there as well if you do not know how much you weigh. […]

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Friday 4-5 Practice

I am asking again if you would please bring the recently returned whaler to the ramp. The marina has a ramp key if you want to get it before I get there. If not, I will have one when I arrive. I can also use my truck to actually launch, but I would appreciate it […]

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Practice Thursday 4-4

Please roll the recently returned Whaler coach boat (the one on the broken up trailer) to the ramp for launching. We will have to launch by hand today, my truck is out of commission. I do have the ramp key. If there’s good wind we will do TR-specific drills focusing on certain legs of the […]

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SSA CANCELED….   Goal today is to get to know the venue and check out the local FJ’s. The more you can learn/remember about SSA, their old FJ’s, the venue, rigging,, the less you will have to do on Saturday. According to the regatta rotation, we are sailing FJ’s 100% of the time in […]

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Practice 4-2

-2 on 2 balance -Chasing a 1,2 DW FJ coach boat 1 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl 2 Mariner Fagan Cole Petrinko 3 Sam Bruce Raam Fox 4 Maddie Hawkins Caroline Bayless 5 Marcus Adam Abby Tindall <-Regan King 6 Owen Hennessey Rees Tindall 420 7 Teddy Cromwell Jack O’Donnell <-Audrey Klepper 8 Zander King Chase […]

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Practice Monday 04-01

Today we will have a distance race, sailing backwards. Starting line will be just off the gas dock. COURSE: Round Dobbins Island (to port) and come back. FJ coach boat 1 Jordan Bruce Andrea Riefkohl 2 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba 3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris 4 Maddie Hawkins Caroline Bayless 5 Marcus Adam Abby Tindall […]

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