Practice Thursday 4-4

Please roll the recently returned Whaler coach boat (the one on the broken up trailer) to the ramp for launching. We will have to launch by hand today, my truck is out of commission. I do have the ramp key.

If there’s good wind we will do TR-specific drills focusing on certain legs of the course and 3 boat team communication, but I’m going to guess that the wind direction and strength will be really unpredictable today. So, we may simply do boat-handling improvement drills, which can include:

  • rudderless sailing for FJ’s. Work on balance and quick but smooth crew weight adjustment. If you cannot sail the FJ and 420 without a rudder in normal conditions, you should practice this until you can; you are not as fast as you could be.
  • Windsprints: Stops/starts, tack on whistle from follow the leader
  • DW Windsprints:  downwind wing off to wing off gybes
  • light air upwind speed and height. Learn more about heel/jib trim, mainsail trim and outhaul/vang. Remember the cardinal rules of light air jib trim in an FJ.
  • Boat preparation: think about why you whale on the jib halyard all the time. What does it do? What does less tension do for, or to you? Experiment maybe with slightly different settings. Remember that we will very likely sail FJ’s in very light wind in team racing, both in Annapolis(chop) and in Virginia(flat water).
  • work hard on maximum roll tacks even in light air.
  • Downwind, work to perfect light air wing-off sail trim, boat angle and heel, and main trim. Remember how vital steering is and how to steer the boat, and how NOT to steer the boat
1 Jordan Bruce Raam Fox
2 Mariner Fagan Ryan  Wahba Cole Petrinko
3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris Andrea Riefkohl
4 Maddie Hawkins Abby Tindall coach boat
5 Caroline Bayless Chase Hilliard <-Regan King
6 Owen Hennessey Rees Tindall
7 Teddy Cromwell Jack O’Donnell Alex Brenia
8 Zander King Benj Damon
9 Patrick Dolan Hayden  Lamb Chase O’Malley
10 Marcus Adam Audrey Klepper

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