Practice Tuesday 9-3-2019

Move In Day

  1. Let’s move all our boats inside the gate right away, and set them all up in our normal order.
  2. We are working up to our first race day, either tomorrow or Thursday.


  1. I’d like to rig up boat 12 as well and get that ready to go.
  2. Make a detailed list of everything we need/broken stuff/etc. Check everything
  3. If the wind is very light, we will work on boats and do a dryland crew training day.
    1. weight trim
      1. positioning
      2. balance
      3. roll tacking
      4. roll gybing
    2. sail trim
      1. jib halyard tension
      2. jib sheet (weather sheeting too), differences between FJ and 420, etc.
      3. jib trim DW
    3. rigging, what the controls do
      1. outhaul
      2. vang
      3. cunningham
      4. halyards
      5. smaller stuff


  1. TRYOUTS:  Crew/Skipper Swap Day. Today will be a chance for you to sail with a bunch of different people. I will be evaluating crew/skipper combos, and will also get feedback from seniors/returning sailors on their thoughts about their pairings and observations on performance. I am looking for communication, working together, coaching/learning from each other, and also looking for good pairings going forward. This is our only time doing this all year; make it count, work hard, and share questions and/or knowledge with every person today.
  2. How it works: This is a Direct Swap. With the exception of boat 11 (which does not swap), after each drill (or when I say rotate), crews in ODD numbered boats will rotate DOWN, and EVEN numbered boats will rotate up. This is then your rotation direction for the rest of the day. So, Ryan is starting in Boat #1. He will go to boat #2, then boat #3, etc.
  3. Lasers will have to stay in the back lot at night, but bring inside the parking lot to rig if you like. Lasers will mostly do drills with us… we’ll just try to clump them together.
  4. We will have the 2nd coach boat go out and bring extras so we can swap in/out for boat 11. Likely we will just anchor this coach boat.
    1. Start off with some warm up wind-sprints, upwind and downwind. Lasers, please stay together (next to each other) in the rabbit starts and/or follow the leader.
    2. 3 whistles = race to a finish line, weather mark or leeward mark, whatever the case may be.
    3. Gate rounding. When doing DW drills, we will likely blow 3 whistles early and have you race to a gate. Discuss which gate is favored and why, and how to get there.
    4. Races.
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan Wahba
2 Maddie Hawkins Addi H Beckman Coach Boat
3 Sam Bruce Raam Fox Emma Trippett
4 Jordan Bruce Chase W Hilliard Charlie Granitto
5 Zander King Rees Tindall Brooke Arnold
6 Teddy Cromwell Hayden Lamb
7 Kyle Reinecke Cole Petrinko
8 Jack O’Donnell Anna Howell
9 Lilly Baker Alex Brenia
10 Ella May Corckran Chase O’Malley
11 Nick Garcia Benjamin Saunders
FJ Chris Sixbey
Laser Owen Hennessey
Laser Robby Meek
Laser Patrick Dolan
Laser Thomas Sitzmann

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