Race Day Results Friday 9-20

6-12 knot southerly with a big oscillation from SE-S. Teams that found a lane early on the correct big-picture tack did well. The top 3 boats did this very well. It was vital to tune in to the wind, it’s very variable trends, and really “be racing” before the 3 minute gun… really important constantly to watch where the next big wind trend was coming from.

Also, for younger teams, we will go over the important differences in sailing the FJ vs. the 420.


  • Skipper almost never ease mainsheet (much at all). In a puff the crew eases the JIB and you feather
  • feathering/pinching can be OK when up to speed in good wind.
  • roll very late, and in more wind roll sharp and quick. No need for a huge roll
  • DW in more wind roll less… keep the boat headed downhill
  • you MUST have some return flow on the centerboard/mainsail in this boat to start effectively. From stop, these boats go sideways first.


  • in most 420’s, ease MAIN in puff and keep jib sheeted in. In z420 there’s a bit of a combination of Jib and main, but it’s OK to ease main a little in a puff in the 420 as long as the boat is flat and going fast/planing
  • bow down sailing is far more effective in this boat as it is a planing hull. Use speed to get height
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan Wahba 1 1 2 4
2 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox 2 2 1 5
3 Owen Hennessey Addi Harris 3 3 4 10
4 Patrick Dolan Cole Petrinko 4 4 6 14
5 Teddy Cromwell Charlie Granitto 5 5 7 17
6 Jordan Bruce Rees Tindall 6 8 3 17
7 Zander King Chase W Hilliard 7 6 5 18
8 Robby Meek Alex Brenia 8 7 8 23
9 Jack O’Donnell Chris Sixbey 9 9 10 28
10 Kyle Reinecke Chase O’Malley 10 10 9 29
11 Ella May Corckran Hayden Lamb 11 11 11 33
12 Lilly Baker Ben Saunders 12 12 12 36

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