Practice Monday 9-23-2019

Laser (boathandling) & 420 (team race) Practice

We will warm up altogether today, and do

  • a split-off upwind windsprint, and then a split off downwind as well.
  • practice starts together
  • then maybe go our separate ways, we’ll see what the wind brings


  • looks like 4 or 5 lasers today
  • We will do simple upwind drills, tacking on the whistle, and maybe a fun 2 on 2 team race
  • Focus again on downwind lane management, boat-handling and using weight to drive
  • work on acceleration at starts


  • If there is decent wind, we will work on some heavy crews today, and move a few people around
  • Team Racing Unstable Combo Day (theme for the week).
  • We will work (off and on all week) on unstable winning/losing combos on each leg, mostly on the DW and final beat. Today we will start on the Final Beat with RED in a 2, 3, 5, and then in a 1,4,5. Then Blue will be in these same combos. Follow the leader around mark 4, and have at it. The goal for today is to recognize and execute, and  know how/when to play back. Debrief after: What did you learn about these combos?
  • RED: Discuss beforehand how to manage a 2-3-5 and 1-4-6 on final beat.
  • BLUE: Discuss how to manage a 1-4-6 and 2-3-5 on final beat
  • During team race drills, 4,5,6 will work on their own, maybe doing pig in the middle or simple boat handling.

General Notes

  • Remember… no Practice on Friday (day off school)
  • I’d like Zander and Patrick to be our Varsity skippers at the DC Sail Varsity event this weekend. Crews TBD
  • Maddie/Addi, Mariner/Ryan, and a heavy crew TBD for Sundays BCSC
  • JV is going to BCSC Sunday, we will all go as one big happy family in Bus 4. JV Teams TBD. Kyle for sure if he’s available

Play 4 Thoughts (from playbook)

Position Duties: 1-4-5 or 6
Win the race.  Stay in touch with the 2nd boat and try to avoid a 2-3 Gap.  Rag on the 2nd boat to prevent the Gap. (With a 2-3 Gap the other team can Push 1st up the course and possibly across the finish line creating a Play 2 chance with 3 against 2.)  Keep an eye out for Play 1.  If the 2-3 split up to cover 4-5 the pairs may become Unbalanced creating a 1-3 opportunity for you to convert to a 1-2 (Follow the pair most likely to come out ahead).
Push the race up the course.  Watch the 5th boat to ensure it stays ahead of the 6th boat by keeping the 56 pair in or near the Covering Zone.  Balance and Switch as necessary.  Use a 4-6 PASSBACK if the 5th boat looses the 6th boat.  Look out for the Double Team from 2-3, especially if a 4-5 Gap exists.
Fifth Beats Sixth! When possible, create a 4-5 Gap making the Double Passback more difficult for the 2-3.  Knowing the 2-3 will attempt to condense the race and close the 4-5 Gap, it is important to prevent the 6th boat from rounding any marks, or sailing into a situation where there is a Passback being attempted ahead.



Pass the 5th boat!  Assist the 4th boat in Setting Up the 4-6 Passback. Once in 5th see above.

z420 Coach Boats
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan Wahba
2 Maddie Hawkins Chase Hilliard
3 Jordan Bruce Rees Tindall
4 Kyle Reinecke Alex Brenia
5 Lilly Baker Chris Sixbey Brooke Arnold
6 Nick Garcia Chase O’Malley Ben Saunders
7 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox
8 Teddy Cromwell Cole Petrinko Hayden Lamb
9 Sam Bruce Addi Harris Anna Howell
12 OUT
Charlie Granitto
FJ Andrea Riefkohl
2 Patrick Dolan
Laser Owen Hennessey
Laser Robby Meek
Laser Coach Tom (?)
Laser Jack O’Donnell
Laser Zander King

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