Classroom TR Quiz for this week

Please have answers (and I mean ready to go) for the questions in blue for our chalk talk this week. Video is below. Watch it.

At the Marchiando TR in Boston, Tufts was smoked off the line by Bowdoin in their first round meeting… Bowdoin had a breakaway 1-2-3 with great balance off the line.

Question 1:   What did Tufts do before the start that hurt them, and what could they have done differently?

Somewhat amazingly, by Mark II, Tufts had a 2-3-4.

Question 2: List at least 2 mistakes Bowdoin made, and/or smart things Tufts did from the start to Mark II.

Tufts proceeds to work their 2-3-4 downwind weave.

What grade would you give the Tufts 2-3-4 downwind? Why?

Looks like Bowdoin made a bit of a comeback….

Describe what happened to Bowdoin 2 (their second-place boat) on the leeward offset?

The final beat should have been simple.

Was it? Why or why not? What surprised you on this leg?

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