Practice Thursday 10-10-2019

Boat Handling Day & Some Team Racing

  • Work on weight trim today and also shifting gears with weight in lulls & puffs. This is a critical skill in changing conditions.
  • FTL upwind windsprints.  3 whistles = 360 turn, 4 whistles = 720 turn
  • Downwind crews work on muscling and even steering boat with your weight downwind. When on a tack try to steer the boat with your weight while the skipper center-locks the rudder. Be careful not to ooch forward too obviously, but work on balance and control and ability to work in tandem with your skipper to steer with weight as much if not more than with rudder.
  • Find positions in the boat when on a tack to be able to move quickly, quietly (no bouncing around) and easily.
  • Then some team racing. Black vs. Blue and Red vs. Green…. Likely just do FTL starts and get some games in.
z420 Coach Boat
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan Wahba
2 Maddie Hawkins Addi Harris Lilly Baker
3 Sam Bruce Andrea Riefkohl
4 Teddy Cromwell Hayden Lamb Coach Boat 2
5 Jack O’Donnell Charlie Granitto Nick Garcia
6 Patrick Dolan Chris Sixbey Anna Howell
7 Robby Meek Ella May Corckran Chase O’Malley
8 Zander King Chase W Hilliard Ben Saunders
9 Kyle Reinecke Cole Petrinko
10 Owen Hennessey Alex Brenia Brooke Arnold
11 Jordan Bruce Rees Tindall
12 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox OUT


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