Practice Wednesday 10-30-2019

  • warm up with normal boat handling drills… do your own pig in middle
  • final beat passback/balance drill (short leg). We will go over this.
  • downwind Pig in middle — upwind pig in middle
  • 420’s practice boathandling on own, and also make sure crews in coach boats rotate in and get to sail
  • FJ practice a few races, or legs of races. Focus on FINAL BEAT cover schemes, along with Final Beat chase plays
  • Weekend TR teams make a point to get in the boat with each of your potential crews below.

WORK to DO when/if no wind or when we come in:

  • Shelve 5&6 out in back lot
  • if no wind, rig up 3 i420’s.
  • empty trash bin outside our shed
  • Go over every single boat and create a list of parts needed, things wrong or right…
z420 Coach Boat
4 Coach Boat 2
5 Charlie Granitto
6 Chase O’Malley
8 Chase W Hilliard Hayden Lamb
9 Teddy Cromwell Alex Brenia
10 Kyle Reinecke Lilly Baker
11 Ella May Corckran Cole Petrinko
12 OUT
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan Wahba Brooke Arnold
2 Jordan Bruce Rees Tindall Nick Garcia
3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris Chris Sixbey
4 Teddy Cromwell Alex Brenia Ben Saunders
5 Zander King Andrea Riefkohl Anna Howell
6 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Patrick Dolan
Maddie Hawkins
Laser Robby Meek
Laser Owen Hennessey
Laser Coach Tom
Laser Jack O’Donnell

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