PutridPractice, Thursday 10-31-2019

  • Terrible Team Race practice Blood Red vs. Black Cats
  • Make sure Norfolk teams get a few tacks in with your alternate crews/skippers
  • Oh, Black Cats have a message for Blood Red:

z420 Coach Boat
4 Coach Boat 2
5 Chase Howl-iard
8 HELLa May Corckran “Black as” Cole Petrinko
9 Tombstone Teddy Cromwell Alex “Eats your” Brenias
10 KillerKyle Reinecke Chase “Mace your Face” O’Malley
11 Jack O’Lantern Donnell Hayden Sacrificial Lamb
12 OUT
Lilly Boo-ker
1  Macabre Fagan Ryan Werewolf Wahba Brooke Arnold
2 Jordan Bones Bruce-stick Rees “Big Chucky” Tindall Nick Garcia
3 Sam Bloodthirsty Bruce-stick Andrea Apparition Rief-kohl Chris Sixbey
4 Mummy Hawkins Addi Hang ’em Harris Ben Saunders
5 Zander BatWing King Charlie Graveyard Granitto Anna Howell
6 Thomas “The Evil Train” Sitzmann R.I.P. Fox Patrick Decomposing Dolan

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