Practice Thursday, 3-5-2020

Practice today:

Boat-handling spotlight: Light air boat-handling requires ability both to be very physical while also being spry enough to feel/know when to be still and let the sails/foils do its thing. Too much movement/rocking can be both illegal and potentially slow. Be extremely careful not to over-trim sails too soon, or at all in some cases. You cannot point higher effectively (especially when down-speed) simply by pulling in sails hard and heading up. Height (“Geez, how to they point so high?”) is a function of feel, balance, tandem sail trim and weight trim/placement. Depending on the weight balance in your boat (crews weight vs. skippers weight) you should work on where/when how to tune and shift gears.
While it is true that the best skippers and crews can hop in any boat with anyone and do just fine, the best results come from teams that consciously, constantly work together to improve tandem balance, gear-shifting, and tuning.

  • I will attempt to video at least 1/2 of the boats today in our normal upwind/downwind drills, with comments. Coach Jamie will also video, so we may be able to get a lot done. If we video you, you are required to watch it!
  • 3 whistles upwind today = 360 or 720; 3 whistles downwind today = stop boat(like you are at mark 3 -or- slow boat as much as possible)
  • a few fleet races, maybe.

If no wind (and in a few of these even if there is wind)

  • move FJ’s inside the fence
  • De-rig and pack up i420’s (thanks for helping with this), load on trailer
  • check ALL boats everywhere; universals, tape, rings, hiking strap tie down lines, etc. In fact, I will bring a boat checklist to be used on ALL 18 boats.
  • come up with your Redneck nickname (Billy-bob, Jeb, Gator, Sharpshooter, Junior, John-boy, Dixie, LeeRay, Candi, Tater, etc.)
  • Clean out shed, add hanging racks for ropes, move tools and some inventory into the Tiny House.
  • Take all deck covers out of boxes, throw boxes away
  • Rig FJ jibs up with new jib sheets
  • empty trash
  • clean out behind shed
  • Make docking lines for all coach boats.
  • Possibly haul non-working coach boat
  • foil wakeboard?
z420 Coach Boat
1 Mariner Fagan Ryan Wahba
2 Maddie Hawkins Jordan Bruce Hayden Lamb
3 Sam Bruce Addi Harris
4 Teddy Cromwell Alex Brenia Coach Boat 2
5 Patrick Dolan Regan King Nick “Jean-Girard” Garcia
6 Jack O’Donnell Cole Petrinko Riley Condon
7 Owen Hennessey Lilly Baker
8 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Anna Howell
9 Zander King Rees Tindall
10 Kyle Reinecke Lila Gibson OUT
11 Chase W Hilliard Audrey Klepper Brooke Arnold
12 Robby Meek Chase O’Malley Andrea Riefkohl

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