Fitness Challenge #2


Fitness Challenge #2 is on! Flutter-Kick IT!

Owen Hennessey, what is another way to say “Solar Diety”?


  • Wed-Friday at 1500
  • Call your shots, due TONIGHT!!!! Make a goal for each day and in the appropriate row (to the right of where your name is) write in your goals, TONIGHT, for Wed, Thurs and Friday.
  • Live Your Dream: Meet your goals: Be The Ball
  • CALL OUT CARD. To ensure the integrity and purity of the Challenge, each player in the game (only those who completed at least 3 days of workouts during Fitness Challenge 1) has one CALL OUT CARD. Starting now till Wednesday, you may play your CALL OUT CARD on any one person’s workout. They must respond with video proof of completion, or their workout will be annulled.
  • Call out card must be submitted to me and to the player in question.


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