Winter Practice Wednesday 2/17

Meet at the Magothy Marina back parking lot.

FIRST      TEAM RUN. We will do a short team run together around our short loop.

SECOND  WORKOUT TOGETHER. We will work out in the back lot. We will do these 3 exercises (below) 3 times each (3 sets).

  1. High Knee Run   (30 seconds). Stand tall and run in place as fast as you can. Drive through the balls of your feet and try to bring your knees as high as possible. Your goal: Create a 90-degree angle from your thighs to your ankles. Keep your hands relaxed, elbows bent, and shoulders down, and swing your arms back and forth.
  2. Burpee  (10) Do 10.. Make sure you do these correctly. It is a 
    1. JUMP
    2. SQUAT
    3. PLANK
    4. PUSH-UP….  all in one.  Click HERE for a tutorial
  3. JUMP ROPE    (1 Minute)



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