Virtual/Remote Practice Thursday 2-25-2021


As a group we are officially OFF today; we’ve reached our allowable time limit together. Over the next few days and certainly by Monday, please do the following

  • Develop your own agility/quickness plan and integrate it into your workouts, and execute them. Bring your jump rope with you every day next week.
  • We will perform the team run next week if there is a good weather day. A map of the route can be found HERE, and it is your responsibility to either print this map and take it with you, or know the route. Do not get lost. This spring we might have something new: I am considering allowing you to choose biking or running; if biking, it will be BYO bike, and  (around our normal running loop) and cyclists will use the standard 3:1 ratio. So, if you choose biking you will be expected to do it as fast (and safely) as you reasonably can, and you will have to do 3 laps of our route. Do not consider biking an easy way out.
  • Make sure you fill out the Travel Permission to Drive and return it to Mr. Domenech ASAP.
  • Watch the New RRS video below!


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