Practice Wednesday 3-3-2021

WEDNESDAY:  1-Day / Tryouts

  • Sailors in the right-most column will switch into the boat listed to the left. Halfway through practice 420’s 1-5 will switch into FJ.
  • Objective:  Working on Roll Tacking / Tryout Evaluation.   
    • Skippers:
      • rolling more to help overall roll. Do NOT pre-roll!
      • Hand switch DURING tack (see photo)
      • Proper rudder angle during flatten
      • Proper flatten
      • mainsheet trim throughout tack
    • Crews
      • Backwards tack in FJ, and definitely try it in the z420 as well
      • roll hard as you can in the 420 and late, and hard in the FJ late but be quicker coming back.
      • self-analyze tacking footwork
      • work on jib sheet transition during the tack
  • Drills:
    • UPWIND TACKING: Follow the leader, and order yourselves by the type of boat you are in, so 420’s in a line then FJ’s. On the whistle, turn upwind. 1 whistle = tack, 2 whistles = stop/start your boat, 3 whistles = race to an upwind mark or finish line
    • DOWNWIND:   Heading back downwind, we will simply FTL around a weather mark, then gybe on the whistle (2 whistles) to wing on, then wing-on/wing off (1 whistle)

1 Zander Rees  
2 Thomas Raam  
3 Owen Alex  
4 Robby Lilly  
5 Patrick Chase  
6 Ava Scarlett  
2 Jack Audrey Klepper Reese Corckran
3 Kyle Julia Helena English
4 Will John Kate Castleberry
5 Chris M. Regan King  
6 Nate Reese Corckran  
  OUT / Coach Boat    
  Lila Gibson    
  Kate Castleberry?    

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