Practice Thursday 3-4-2021

Thursday:   0-Day and a 1-Day

  • 0-Day: Focus on simply rigging your boat properly
    • dry!!
    • proper halyard tensions
    • proper/desired mainsheet ratio
    • jib sheets run properly
    • have a bowline (painter)
    • clean hull no dirt or tape on hull to cause friction
    • outhaul set properly
    • cunningham rigged properly
    • vang working in good order
    • correct sails with boat
    • rudder/tiller/extension all in proper order
    • rudder angle correct
  • 1-Day: MORE WIND/WINDY Conditions: Tacking / Downwind balance
    • Quicker transitions
    • minimize roll and maximize hike on new tack
    • adjust trim aggressively in and out of tack in an attempt to keep as much momentum as possible
    • where/how you max hike: weight trim in boat
    • arms up
    • feet together in the straps
    • Skippers hike too
    • downwind learn when, where and why to transition to skipper sitting to leeward “wild thing”
    • if you are tentative and hesitant with your body mechanics in windy conditions, the boat will penalize you, sometimes severely
    • physically control the boat downwind together as a pair: communicate balance
    • crews stay as low as possible while also able to move very quickly to balance boat
    • understand and test critical centerboard trim positions and changes downwind. Centerboard is there to help you downwind in windy conditions, but only if you use it properly. If you use it improperly, it also can penalize you, sometimes severely
1 Zander Rees
2 Thomas Raam
3 Owen Alex
4 Robby Lilly
5 Patrick Chase
6 Ava Scarlett
7 Jack Regan King
8 Kyle Lila Gibson
9 Will John
10 Chris M. Reese Corckran
11 Nate  
  OUT / Coach Boat  
  Helena English  
  Kate Castleberry  
  Audrey Klepper  

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