Practice Wednesday, 3-10-2021

2-Day Today

Read the items below and make sure you have thoughts/questions about the ones relevant to you. We will go to the marina today regardless of wind. If there is any wind we will sail and likely practice light air sail trim. Remember also that while we are focused on Level-2 today, don’t forget to continue to work on Level-1…always.

Extra crews will swap into boats 1-6 halfway through practice to get time with our top skippers. Make use of it.

If there is NO wind, we will rig up an FJ and a 420 and go over sail trim on land. We will also check every boat and begin to finalize a list of what’s wrong with which boat, etc., and make sure sail bags are with the correct sails, etc. We will also build 4 new marks.


  • work on jib trim
    • changing in and out upwind
    • cross sheeting technique
    • downwind shape and technique
    • aggressive sheet action on gybes
    • wing off technique
    • backwinding in tacks
    • the differences between 420 & FJ jib trim
  • mainsail trim
    • sometimes ugly is fast
    • how often do you play the mainheet upwind
    • mainsheet technique in tacking
    • mainsheet technique in gybing
    • NEVER go out with out full halyard tension
    • vang upwind
    • cunnigham?
    • mainsheet tension…
    • mainsail leech tension
    • 3:1 vs 4:1
    • differences between fj and 420 mainsail trim
420 Coach boat
1 Zander Rees
2 Thomas Raam Audrey Klepper
3 Owen Alex Reese Corckran
4 Robby Lilly Kate Castleberry
5 Ava Scarlett
6 Kyle Lila Gibson
7 Chase Helena English
9 Will John
10 Chris M. Gavin
11 Nate Julia
12 Jack Regan King
1 Patrick

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