Practice Notes Wed. 3-10

Good practice today; we made the most out of some interesting wind patterns. Everyone had some great moments and I hope today was an overall plus for our team.
I thought it was one of the better practices we’ve had collectively.
It was great to see Nate and Julia practicing on their own diligently all day… and in fact they improved enormously.
    • when racing, FAR too many of you are sailing in bad lanes, in bad air. There was one race where almost every boat sailed to the starboard layline and then the moment one boat tacked everyone did, repeating the bad air most of you were in on port tack.
    • Same thing downwind. The wind shifts downwind too…. wing on! wing off! Gybe… find free lanes in breeze within the laylines. If you hesitate to make a move you need to go back to Practice-1.  In fact, as you approach a leeward gate, in some cases you should expect to gybe/wing on/off several times, especially in lighter winds…… if you are not, you are losing.
    • weight trim for many was not shifting gears well. Remember the z420 needs crew weight forward in lighter winds and even moderate….. several boats were dragging upwind with weight trim too far aft.
    • 2 boats, 7&9, had jib halyard tension that was drastically too loose. No chance to be competitive there. Observe your tuning, and make sure you are set!
    • gybing still needs a lot of work. Watch this simple video. Skipper needs to flatten harder and when the boat is stil heeled, and NOT already flattening itself….. You have to be far more physical and athletic. Also the crew is helping steer the boat and helps keep the rudder load minimal. Crews can steer the boat too…:
    • a few boats did not have enough leeward jib sheet tension and your height suffered a lot
    • skippers when downwind wing-on did an adequate job with sail trim; remember the more you hold it out the more projected area you realize
    • When you hit a mark, do the noble (and law-abiding) thing and exonerate yourself, even if it is practice. Never wait for the coach, or a competitor, to tell you to do the right thing. Do not foul and let it go. Everyone should follow rules and if there is a disagreement, bring it ashore and we can settle it and learn.

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