Practice Thursday, 3-11-2021

Housekeeping Before/after practice

  • Will make gear call before heading out. It is supposed to reach record high temperatures today, but it might get windy. JV MUST wear dry-suits, and we will also make call determining if everyone will be allowed out sailing (based on wind strength).
  • I will bring one extra dolly wheel. Please put that and the other good wheel on the trolley that does not have wheels
  • Check all tanks for water before you go out. Report water to me to add to our list. When we come in today, we have to do an inventory of leaking. Also be sure to check you centerboard bolt when you go out, as we found a badly leaking one yesterday (boat 11 I believe)
  • If you are new, or need a refresher, make sure you read our online team race playbook. The link is on our website under “Team Racing”. Email me for username and password if you don’t have it.

Practice: Team race focus for boats 1-6. Boats 7-11 will work on Practice 1 & 2 by racing around course that I set for TR’ers.

  • If boats 1-6 get out before I do, work on pig-in-middles, maybe the balance drill, and possibly DW mark trap drill using a speed limit marker. 
  • Warm up all together:   tacking/gybing/starting/stopping
  • Boats 1-6 Will Team Race Practice around a Box Course + Mark 3: Focus today on BALANCE. We may switch teams around today a bit.
    • some practice starts
    • first beats, reset…
    • dw combinations
    • Maybe a few final beat balance drills
  • Boats 7-11 Will Work on their boat-handling as you race around our course.
420     Coach boat
1 Zander Rees Regan King
2 Thomas Raam  
3 Robby Lilly Coach Boat 2
4 Owen Alex  
5 Patrick Chase  
6 Kyle Lila Gibson  
7 Ava Scarlett Julia Hlousek
8 Will John Helena English
9 Chris M. Reese Corckran Gavin
11 Jack Audrey Klepper Kate Castleberry
FJ   Nate  

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