Spring Break Team Race HomeWork

Spring Break Practice will feature team racing every day. Before then, I hope you will continue your self-education path and take seriously the idea that we all need to know team racing rules, plays, and more.

-Because in Heaven, everybody team races…



  •         Balance your pairs (herding sheep). Do NOT take flyers ever.
  •         Be flexible and sharp/open minded. Do what’s needed to win or help your team
  •         Beat your guy
  •         Our 6 in any race in any place on the course is our most important player
  •         Always know where the critical focus is, and execute there
  •         Mind the Gap (understand where in the team race combination there is a critical gap. You either want to attack or defend the gap)
  •         When in doubt, sail as fast as you can (minimize time) to the next mark
  •         Recognition->Execution:  Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto You
  •         Never assume victory
  •         Sail conservatively and avoid unforced errors. Take risks only when losing big early, or losing near the finish
  •         Your next play is often behind you; also, don’t get too far ahead if you are in an unstable or losing combo!
  •         Never get too tied up with one opponent and lose sight of the overall game
  •         Never let one boat occupy two of ours for very long
  •         Be on it. Think every second of the game how your moves can help your team
  •         Know when to throw out the playbook
  •         Quiet teams are deadly. The longer we don’t call plays, the better we’re doing. Let the other team tell you their play. Don’t let this rule override actual important communication  however.
  •         Be deceptive with your moves, boat-handling, and passbacks, but when you start a move or a passback, execute with absolute determination and aggression


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