SB Practice Monday 3/22/2021

Monday SB Practice:

  • check and confirm all COVID release/confirmations.
  • While I am going over paperwork, please drain all boats, check all boats
    • taped rings
    • tiller extension universals
    • likely flip 12 and replace jib halyard (or whatever boat has that damaged spurred jib halyard)
    • CHECK ALL 420’s for water in tanks
  • We will make a call on going out right away (likely towing to Dobbins Island area), sailing in our normal spot, or staying in if there is no wind.
  • Practice 1 & 2 today with a focus on TR boat handling
    • Practice 1:   weight placement for speed/balance, and also for holding/slowing
    • Practice 2:   VITAL downspeed sail trim. Think about what sails do when the boat is going slow, and how to maximize efficiency on all points of sail given the conditions and your boat positioning goals
    • normal windsprints to start with the exception that our 2-whistles will mean go head to wind and drift, then go back to full-speed upwind. We are doing this to practice luffing a windward opponent. One of the MOST important TR skills the the ability NOT to get hooked and/or killed upwind. Often if you are a leeward boat with a windward boat trying to control you, you can stall/pinch/head to wind if you know how to do it effectively, and avoid a riding or swooping windward boat, or better yet one that seems to be controlling you on your windward hip.
    • Final Beat Balance Drill: 2 on 2, FTL opponent following opponent around separate leeward gates, then balance to a finish line.
    • Assuming we have the players listed below, we will also do a few controlled team races. the first game will be Black vs. Blue, with red watching.
      420 Coach boat
      1 Zander Rees
      2 Thomas Raam
      3 Robby Lilly Coach Boat 2
      4 Owen Alex
      5 Kyle Chase
      6 Luke Regan King Kate Castleberry
      7 Ava Lila Gibson
      9 Jack Audrey Klepper
      10 Chris M. Reese Corckran
      11 Will John
      12 Nate Helena English
      FJ Julia Hlousek
      1 Scarlett
      2 Patrick
      3 Gavin

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